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Initiation Fee: $1000


Yearly Membership Fee: $1000*

Minimum Spend required per membership on food and beverage: $2000/year


Average Plated Menu Cost: 

3 Courses- $75

4 Courses- $85

5 Courses- $95


Sommelier Led Wine Pairings:

$12-$20 per course


Standard Service Charge: 30% (this is in lieu of gratuity)

*The first year is prorated at $2.74 a day starting on the day you join. Each year after is $1000 and is renewed in January

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What are your hours of operation?

  • Tuesday-Saturday 4:00 By Reservation Only

  • Sunday-Monday Closed (Open for Private Reservations and Events)

Can I stop by for a drink or food unannounced?

  • No. We are unable to accommodate walk-in diners. If you would like to stop by, Please send us an email or call, and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

How much advance notice do I need to book a dinner? 

  • That depends heavily on the request and involves several factors, such as the size of the party, the current number of bookings, dietary needs, general availability, etc. Tock will accept Reservations up to three days prior. Please call or email us with any last-minute requests.

What is the dress code?

  • We do not have a dress code, though we suggest business casual attire. Overall we invite you to come as you, be that in formal attire or jeans and a polo.

Can I bring guests as a member?

  • We not only welcome you to bring a guest but we encourage it. We invite you to use the space here at Aubergine to entertain family friends, business partners and so much more. 

 What if my guest count changes at the last minute? 

  • Please alert us to any change in guest count as soon as possible. We are often able to accommodate last-minute changes. We will be sure to accommodate any changes to the best of our ability.

What if I have questions about the menu?

Is the artwork for sale?

  • Yes, several pieces within the restaurant are available for purchase. If you are interested in any of the art please ask Colin.


How do I book a Chef’s table experience? 

  • Here at Aubergine, every table is a chef's table. As you enjoy your meal Chef Marja or Chef Colin will come to your table and talk you through each dish, sharing with you the thought process that went into creating, as well as the components that make each dish so special. If you would like to book a more up close and personal Chef’s table experience in the kitchen, small groups of up to 10 can be accommodated. This experience will however count as a private event as we are unable to open the restaurant to other guests so the previously stated minimums for private events will apply. Please reach out to to book. 

 How do I change my card on file?

  • If you would like to change the card we have on file you have several options, you can call us to give us the new card number, or you can text us the card information ( all texts are deleted permanently as soon as the card info is entered into our system), or you can update the card at your next visit into the Restaurant.

Why does Tock allow the public to book a dinner?

  • Tock allows public bookings for First-time diners. We have public dinners open as part of our current Member Drive. We invite people to come in at a ticketed price so future members can experience Aubergine in a way that is not disruptive to our current members. Members will always have priority booking for Reservations.

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